Elon Musk Fiery Words Against X Advertisers

So, Elon Musk is all fired up and he’s not holding back! At a big event in New York, he went on a wild rant, slamming companies that ditched X, warning that their move might just be the end of the social media platform.

The Explosive Interview

Musk, known for his colorful language, didn’t mince words. He straight-up told those advertisers who boycotted X to “Go [expletive] yourself.” Yep, that’s exactly what he said during an interview that turned heads.

Ad Boycott Drama

Why the fuss? Well, some big names like Disney, Apple, and Comcast hit pause on their ads on X. Their main gripe? Concerns about antisemitism, including a post Musk himself shared.

Musk’s Apology and Backlash

Musk tried to cool things down by apologizing for his post, calling it the “dumbest” thing he’s ever posted online. But that didn’t stop the heat.

Musk’s Battle Cry

Then came Musk’s real talk about the ad boycott. He accused companies of trying to blackmail him with ads and money. His message was loud and clear: he doesn’t want their ads if they’re playing games with him.

Threats and Warnings

Musk didn’t stop there. He warned that if advertisers keep up their boycott, it could spell the end for X. He even threw a direct jab at Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, who was present at the event.

The X Perspective

Linda Yaccarino, X’s CEO, later reposted Musk’s candid interview, sharing her thoughts on how X is all about free speech and being a welcoming community.

Musk’s Backtrack

Musk tried to make amends for his antisemitic tweet by saying sorry and acknowledging it was a bad move.

The Advertiser Exodus

Advertisers had already started leaving X before this drama. Musk had previously mentioned that most of them were coming back, but later admitted that ad revenue had taken a big hit.

The Uproar and Lawsuit

Things got messier with a report from Media Matters, accusing X of placing ads near Nazi content. X called this report misleading and even filed a lawsuit against Media Matters.

The Fallout and Uncertainty

Musk’s fiery words might not help X win back advertisers. This could be a big blow for the platform since it heavily relies on ad money.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to say how much of X’s income is from ads now that it’s a private company and doesn’t publish financial reports like it used to. But way back when Musk didn’t own it, ads made up about 90% of X’s revenue.

The drama continues, and it seems like X might have a bumpy road ahead when it comes to winning back those advertisers’ trust.